2 - Python Scripts in Dynamo

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This section will go through the basics on how to write custom python code within Dynamo.

Dynamo has a powerful feature, similar to other VPL, which is the ability to write custom python code on its own text editor, allowing to perform large methods and logic in a compressed and more performant manner, by being able to load libraries an modules like ProtoGeometry and Revit utilities.

Python text editor

As you can see when opening a new Python Script node, it comes with a default template which contains:

  • Loaded ProtoGeometry module/library, which is the library Dynamo Geometry is based on, allowing to access all constructors and methods as if using nodes on the canvas.
  • A dataEnteringNode variable mapped to the IN internal variable. This variable is a list containing the values connected to the input ports. To access first port you would query IN[0], second IN[1], etc. You can create as many input ports as required.
  • An OUT variable. This, similar to the IN internal variable, is what the python script will exposed on the OUT port on the node. output ports can only be one.

Dynamo uses IronPyton, a flavour of Python tightly integrated with .NET frameworks.

Key Features

  • Load all modules available on IronPython.
  • Can use Dynamo Geometry library to perform expensive computational operations in a single contained environment, reducing graph size and RAM overhead.
  • Can easily integrate modules/libraries to interact with the Revit API.
  • Can run a python file (.py) by loading it from its path in disk.
  • Complex loop statements can be easily written to overcome the lack of a VPL.


  • As is not Python per se, some very useful modules/packages native to Python can not be used in this environment.
  • Each Python Script node has its own scope, so classes or methods defined in one cannot be shared across.
  • Does not implement any Replication principle, so developer must take into account and/or define clearly the expected input.
  • It only has one output port, so when returning multiple values, these must be as a list and handle that afterwards.

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